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Christmas at the Vogtland Museum - The Sandman pays a visit


In the year of its 100th anniversary, the Vogtland Museum Plauen is receiving a very special Christmas visit: the Sandman, one of the longest-serving and most popular employees of the German television landscape. For over 60 years, he has been bringing a bedtime story and a pinch of dream sand to children every evening.

No journey is too far for him. And so he has collected an impressive fleet of more than 240 vehicles for his journeys home, to distant countries, fairytale worlds or even outer space. Carriage, locomotive, Trabant, bicycle rickshaw or hot air balloon? It is always exciting to see what he comes up with. Today, innovative means of transport such as a solar mobile and a recycling vehicle complement his fleet.

The exhibition shows a selection of original puppets, vehicles, props and wonderful trick scenes from the Sandmännchen archive in Berlin-Adlershof.

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Vogtlandmuseum Plauen
Nobelstraße 9
08523 Plauen

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