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Ballet Festival "Leipzig dances"


Under the motto "Leipzig dances!", the Leipzig Ballet invites you to experience the art form of ballet and dance in all its facets in the summer of 2024. As the central festival of the music city of Leipzig, the international ballet festival will take place from 21 to 29 Jun 2024. 
An important partner of the Leipzig Ballet is the Gewandhaus Orchestra, which will also accompany the new choreographies "Giselle" and "Peter I. Tchaikovsky" at the ballet festival. The Akram Khan Company from London and Edward Clug with the ballet of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor are expected as guests.
The intensive programme of "Leipzig dances!" also represents the dance city of Leipzig  in the context of a gala at the opera house, in a cooperation project with Leipzig's club culture and through the mixed-abled FORWARD DANCE COMPANY of LOFFT - DAS THEATER. In addition to offers to join in the dancing, there are insights behind the scenes and opportunities for exchange at every performance. 

For the "City of Music:Leipzig", "Leipzig dances!" is a treasure in the annual round of festivals that tie in with the city's great musical tradition. The 2024 International Ballet Festival emphasises dance as an integral part of the city's musical and theatrical history.

Let yourself be enchanted by the following festival events:
  • 21.06.2024, Opera House - Peer Gynt at 19:30
  • 22.06.2024, Opera House - Peer Gynt at 15:00
  • 22.06.2024, Musical Comedy - Creation 2024 by the Ivona Dance Company at 19:00
  • 23.06.2024, Musical Comedy - Creation 2024 by Ivona Dance Company at 15:00
  • 23.06.2024, Opera House - Peter I. Tchaikovsky at 17:00
  • 24.06.2024, LOFFT - The Theatre - Creation 2024 by Forward Dance Company at 19:30
  • 25.06.2024, LOFFT - The Theatre - Creation 2024 by the Forward Dance Company at 19:30
  • 26.06.2024, Opera House - Creation 2024 by the Akram Khan Company at 19:30
  • 29.06.2024, Opera House - Giselle at 19:00

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