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3rd Chursächsischer sping magic


The cultural festival invites you to a spring stay in the royal grounds of the Saxon State Spa.

The renowned spa town of Bad Elster in the heart of the European music and spa region will also be celebrating a historic anniversary in 2024: the town will be celebrating its first documentary mention 700 years ago.

Cultural spring fever in the Kgl. Anlagen Bad Elster

"The river and streams are freed from the ice, by the spring's fair, revitalising gaze; in the valley hopeful happiness greens..." With these world-famous words, Goethe's Easter Walk begins as a classic of world literature. The cultural and festival town of Bad Elster presents this "happiness of hope in the Elster Valley" at the start of the season as the Chursächsische Frühlingszauber (Spring Magic of Saxony) in the midst of an inspiring world of nature, culture and health in the royal grounds of the Saxon state spa.

The 3rd Chursächsische Frühlingszauber (Spring Magic of Saxony). Chursächsische Frühlingszauber takes place from 15 March to 21 April 2024 and offers numerous first-class cultural and theatre events on the "festival mile of short distances", royal Easter holidays or a creative art festival as well as a wide range of springtime activities. Guests can escape from everyday life in the brine spa and sauna world, enjoy the wellness classics in the historic Albert Bad or experience the feeling of spring in historic parks or in the hiking and nature paradise of Bad Elster in a conscious and healthy way.

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