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27th Upper Lusatian Linen Days Rammenau


They are THE highlight of the year - the International Oberlausitzer Leinentage. They will take place for the 27th time this year: on 31 August and 1 September 2024. This year, visitors can once again look forward to demonstrations by Sachsen-Leinen e.V., which will show all the steps involved in producing fine linen from the delicate flax flower. In addition to traditional craftsmanship, modern creations made from linen and other natural fabrics will also be on display at the fashion show organised by Modemühle Chemnitz. A novelty from last year, which was very well received, will also be on show again: For those seeking peace and quiet, a spacious lounge area will be set up on the lawn behind the castle, where you can enjoy cool drinks and let your gaze wander over the castle and park. In the separate area of the Kavaliershaus garden, there will once again be numerous play and craft activities for younger guests. 

It has been more than a quarter of a century since nine companies from the region joined forces under the name "Oberlausitzer Leinen" and launched the first International Oberlausitzer Leinentage. What began with a handful of exhibitors has developed into a large market with numerous manufacturers, designers and artisans from various European countries. At their stands, they show what can be made from this valuable, renewable raw material and present their creations.

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27th Upper Lusatian Linen Days Rammenau
Am Schloss 4
01877 Rammenau

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