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22nd Chursächsische Winter Dreams


The flair of the fourth season of the year will be captured and highlighted through various cultural genres.

The renowned spa town of Bad Elster in the heart of the European music and spa region will also be celebrating a historic anniversary in 2024: in 2024, the town will be celebrating its first documented mention 700 years ago.

When the year draws to a close, Christmas anticipation makes not only children's hearts beat faster and contemplative moments mingle with the hustle and bustle of our time in many places, then the Chursächsische Winterträume begin as "A festival for all the senses..." in the Saxon state spas of Bad Elster and neighbouring Bad Brambach. Every year, this cultural festival captures the special flair of the fourth season and illuminates it culturally in different genres.

The magnificent König Albert Theater, the cultural centre of the entire region, invites you to a high-quality variety of events from inspiring musical theatre, classical, rock, pop and jazz concerts paired with cabaret, drama and readings to winter high culture, whose "stars" make every winter evening shine ... Curtain up for dream worlds!

Further information: https://chursaechsische.de/veranstaltungen/chursaechsische-wintertraeume/festivalkalender

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Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH
Königliches Kurhaus, Badstraße 25
08645 Bad Elster

Tel.: +49 37437 539011
Fax: +49 37437 539053
Webová stránka: chursaechsische.de

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