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Oder-Neisse Cycle Route


  • lehké
  • 156,54 km
  • 10 hod. 30 min.
  • 194 m
  • 246 m
  • 64 m

The route along the eastern border of Germany is full of history.

Cultural island for children ... cultural towns for adults 

The route along the Oder-Neiße embankment features not only the green meadows of the Neiße, peaceful pine forests and huge yellow fields of rapeseed but is also an introduction to a significant part of eastern Germany’s history. This starts in Zittau with its baroque houses and continues in Görlitz, which got rich as a trade hub along the Via Regia and now features an amazingly restored old town. Then there’s Bad Muskau, the last Saxon town on the route which features a famous UNESCO listed   park that was designed by Count Pückler. If you’re cycling with children, don’t miss the leisure park of the cultural island “Kulturinsel Einsiedel“! 


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