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Lindwurmpfad Kürbitz


  • Start: Kürbitz church square
  • Cíl: Kürbitz church square
  • střední
  • 4,80 km
  • 1 hod. 18 min.
  • 85 m
  • 441 m
  • 356 m

The circular route presents the 800-year history of Kürbitz as well as geological and scenic information about it.

According to legend, the lord of the manor of Kürbitz, Jobst von Feilitzsch, killed a dragon that was wreaking havoc in the forests around Kürbitz and threatening the farmers. The fateful encounter between the dragon and the knight freed Kürbitz from the reign of terror, but ended fatally for both. In honour of their saviour, the villagers erected a particularly magnificent tombstone for the knight Feilitzsch, whose relief shows the hero with sword and armour, at his feet the slain beast. This tombstone can still be seen today in the Savator Church. And the legend is also still a living part of the village culture. If you want to trace it, you can go on the six-kilometre-long Kürbitzer Lindwurmpfad.


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