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Kinderwanderweg "Moosmännleinspuren" Schöneck


  • Start: Hohe Reuth Schöneck
  • Cíl: Hohe Reuth Schöneck
  • střední
  • 4,67 km
  • 1 hod. 20 min.
  • 96 m
  • 767 m
  • 671 m

Entdeckt die Geschichte des Moosmännleins und erkundet Schöneck auf unserem neuen Kinderwanderweg "Moosmännleinspuren".

The children's hiking trail "Moosmännleinspuren" starts at the tourist information in Schöneck. From here it's a good 4 kilometers down into the city and to the "Alter Söll" lookout rock, further along the main street, to Albertplatz and into the city park. You can get back to the starting point via the new youth hostel. On the way you will find numerous play and adventure areas, various tasks and puzzles provide entertainment and should support the stamina of the little feet. The 3 large areas are called Magic Forest, Felsenburg and Goldgrube. The path should primarily give families a nice day, but also bring them closer to the place, include the shops and restaurants and tell the history of our city. The target group are children between 3 and 8 years. The path is designed in such a way that you can walk it all at once, but there are also no problems in stages. The 3 large areas of magic forest, Felsenburg and Goldgrube can also be visited and discovered on different days. The discovery book accompanies the path, which guides the children, supports them in solving the tasks and is of course also a nice souvenir. There is also a great enamel cup and a lunch box with the sweet motif of the little moss man and his friend Ecki the squirrel. Anyone who has found all the letters at the end of the path can pick up a small gift from the tourist information office.

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