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Exhibition on the history of the city and the garden in the building of the former Electoral Chancellery.

Since 2005, the faithfully restored Electoral Chancellery building has hosted an exhibition with historically valuable exhibits and offers visitors a unique way of exploring Torgau's history and culture.

Upon request, the following specialist tours can be arranged:

  • Underground Torgau - Guided tours through interesting cellars
  • To Luther's wife - Guided tours through Katharina-Luther-Stube
  • What the stones tell us... - Guided tours through the "stone witnesses" exhibition in the Lapidarium
  • Beer from Torgau poor people's Malvasia - Guided tours through Giersing's brewing heritage
  • The princely home of a Torgau mayor - Guided tour through the Ringenhain House
  • Crowded living in sloping walls - Guided tour through the historic craftsman's house
  • Rich and poor living close to one another - the mayor's house and the craftsman's house

- Visitor bathroom available

Accessibility information

The front building is accessible via the side entrance, the office and the herb garden by mounting one step in each location.
There is a wheelchair-friendly bathroom in the building.
Guided tours for those with learning difficulties can be arranged upon request.

When in September 1631, the protestant Armies of King Gustav II. Adolf of Sweden and Elector Johann Georg I joined forces in September 1631, they defeated the imperial-league army under Tilly. A decisive point in the course of the conflict: Gustav Adolf could now make his triumphant ascent of the German throne and along with it secured the survival of protestantism.

In 1646, peace was declared for electoral Saxony in Eilenburg - which also led to pace is Westphalia in 1648. A defining era – far beyond the region. The planned exhibitions are intended to commemorate these events. To pay tribute, to remember and also to shake up.


The City and Cultural History Museum Torgau
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