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Museum of Decorative Arts in Dresden


In a baroque surrounding in the Museum of Decorative Arts masterly top performances of the court workshop of Saxon electors.

From May to October each year, the Kunstgewerbemuseum provides extraordinary insights into the life of the electors of Saxony in a spectacular architectural setting. Schloss Pillnitz, a pleasure palace and the summer residence of the Saxon court, is only a few kilometres from the centre of Dresden, idyllically located between the River Elbe and hillside vineyards. Many sumptuous objects and rooms that are associated with the electors and kings of Saxony have been preserved here. There are, for example, gilt thrones, unique silver furniture, colourful lacquered furniture and other lavish furnishings commissioned by the rulers. Among the objects on display are beautifully painted and cut glasses from the court wine cellars, exclusive textiles such as damask fabric, embroidery and lace, as well as selected items from the royal collection of Italian majolica, Delftware and German stoneware.

Other highlights demonstrate the history of regional and international arts and crafts over a period of five centuries. In this journey through time showing the history of arts and crafts up to modern industrial design, numerous examples of Dresden Jugendstil (art nouveau) and of the machine-made furniture produced by the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau constitute particular highlights that point to Dresden’s role as a cradle of modern art and design.


Museum of Decorative Arts in Dresden
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