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Group tour "Saxony for the ears - a must for all music lovers"


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Walk in the footsteps of world-famous artists and musicians in Saxony.

Music and culture lovers are not only attracted by the places where world-famous musicians such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann and Mendelssohn Bartholdy worked. Rich craft traditions, such as the production of Plauen lace and the manufacture of musical instruments in the Vogtland region, also fill Saxony's musical landscape with life. Even today, Saxony is a region with a particularly rich musical heritage. Numerous music festivals, such as the Leipzig Bach Festival or the Dresden Music Festival, are internationally renowned and showcase the diverse musical offerings that keep Saxony's musical history alive and make it accessible to all.

Pick up your ears and come on our 4-day journey through Saxony's moving musical history and present.


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