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Along the Luther Trail in Saxony


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Far from the tourist centres, experience some of the most worthwhile stops on the Luther Trail...

Attention, insider tip! In Saxony alone, Martin Luther left his mark over a distance of 550 km. Follow in the footsteps of the Reformer and experience some of the most worthwhile stops on the Luther Trail, far from the tourist centres.

After visiting the ruins of the Nimbschen monastery, you may find it hard to imagine that Katharina von Bora once wanted to leave this idyllic place. After twelve years in the convent, the nun fled via Torgau to Wittenberg, where she married Martin Luther in 1525. You can follow this and other exciting stories from the time of the Reformation on your 4-day tour through Saxony.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Zwickau, Rochlitz, Nimbschen - Stations of Progress

  • Tour of the city in the footsteps of Luther and the Reformation along the Luther Trail
  • See St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Tour of St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Seeing Luther's Cathedral. Marien
  • Visit St. Catherine's Church, Thomas Müntzer's place of preaching
  • Guided tour of the Priests' Houses, one of the oldest preserved residential ensembles in Germany
  • Lunch at the "Brauhaus Zwickau" in the Priests' Houses

2. Day 2: Nimbschen, Grimma, Höfgen, Leisnig- tranquil strongholds of the Reformation

  • Short tour of the Nimbschen monastery ruins
  • Guided walk on the Luther Trail from Nimbschen to Grimma (3 km)
  • Themed guided tour of Grimma
  • Lunch at the "Ratskeller" (max. 50 people)
  • Boat trip on the Mulde river (max. 60 persons) to Höfgen
  • Visit the museum "Schiffsmühle" and walk through Höfgen, the "Village of the Senses"
  • Restaurant "Zur Wassermühle" with snack with regional products
  • Drive to Leisnig
  • Visit the exhibition "LUTHER.LEISNIG.STADT.GUT" on the Leisnig caste order and church music
  • Visit Mildenstein Castle, formerly owned by the Wettins
  • Drive to Torgau

3. Day: Torgau - the political centre of the Reformation

  • Tour of the town "Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora and the Reformation in Torgau"
  • Visit Hartenfels Castle and see the current special exhibition
  • Explore the castle church, the first Protestant new church
  • Visit St. Mary's Church with Katharina von Bora epitaph
  • Small organ concert
  • Visit Katharina von Bora's death house
4. Day: Journey home


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